What We Do

Due to the depth of skills, knowledge and experience of our team, HCM has the ability to act in several capacities to achieve the goals of our clients.

Construction Manager

Typically employed in instances where construction activities must start before the project scope is fully defined, HCM has repeatedly surpassed the expectation of our clients through the employ of a construction management arrangement. In this arrangement, HCM is responsible for the entire construction process. Costs are shared with the client on an “open book” basis providing a collaborative and fluid process which allows modifications to easily be made in order to achieve the quality, schedule and financial goals of our clients.

General Contractor

When operating in the capacity of General Contractor, HCM controls the bidding and construction process for our clients at a pre-negotiated “lump sum” price based on the drawings and specifications provided. We pride ourselves on managing our construction projects in a safe and organized manner while consistently achieving or surpassing scheduling requirements and working within budgetary parameters.

Design/Build Contractor

As a Design/Build Contractor, HCM collaborates with our clients to fully understand the specific goals of their project. After achieving this understanding, HCM provides a design, budget, and scheduling proposal that achieves the client’s goals. Often times, allowing the design to be included as a part of the construction process is helpful in achieving the overall goals of a project in an economical manner since the designer and constructor are working together to specify materials and methods which are appropriate for the project and economical. This arrangement also removes the design oversight from the responsibility of the client.

Regardless of the capacity in which we are working on a project, the quality, scheduling and economic goals of our client are always our primary focus.

Owner’s Representation/Project Management

As an Owner’s Representative and/or Project Management consultant, HCM is the single point of contact for the client and takes the lead role for the project team. We also become the client’s advocate for all issues during the preconstruction, construction and post construction phases of the project.