Why We Are Different

When embarking on a construction project, there are many things for an owner to consider and take into account prior to selecting a construction services firm. As in any competitive industry, there are many options available to the owner with regard to which firm to select. HCM sets itself apart from the field for several reasons. These include:

Understanding of the clients perspective and requirements

As a firm founded by a seasoned project manager/owner’s representative with an extensive background working directly for ownership groups, HCM is more cognizant of the requirements of (and pressures placed upon) our clients than a more typical general contractor/construction manager. Culturally, we are geared toward assisting in finding solutions to problems which inevitably arise as a part of the construction process. In short, regardless of the contractual relationship between HCM and our clients, we fully understand that a client’s problem is our problem and we always align our actions with the requirements of the clients.

Focus on relationships first and jobs second

Of course, for any business to endure and prosper, it must be profitable. However, at HCM, we will never compromise our fundamentals for the sake of finance. Our relationship with our clients’ has always and will always remain paramount. Providing quality work and building clients’ relationships is our marketing plan. As such, we recognize that maintaining a good relationship with our clients’ is always our primary concern. We will always put our client relationship ahead of profits when there is a conflict between the two.

Optimum size for client service

HCM is a firm which has intentionally embarked on a slow but steady growth path. We have done this in order to ensure that we, as a firm, are of adequate size and capacity to properly service all the needs of our clients while never sacrificing quality work and focus for growth. Stated a different way, our clients always receive members of our “A” team and get the focus they deserve.

Related to this, all of our projects receive a significant level of direct oversight from our president and management team ensuring that your project is never neglected. Our clients never experience a “bait and switch”.

Local experience

Similar to real estate, construction is an industry which is primarily locally driven. We have been based in Northern NJ with an additional office in Iselin, NJ and have been working in the tri-state area since inception. Our president has been involved in the local construction market for his entire career (spanning 30+ years) as have the vast majority of our team members. We have positive relationships with many of the consultants, vendors, suppliers, subcontractors and governmental agencies in our market.

Excellent vendor/subcontractor relationships

Because of the level of fairness and integrity in our bidding, subcontracting and payment process, we have excellent relationships with many of the vendors and subcontractors with whom we partner. Through experience, our subcontractors have learned that our bidding process is fair and organized, our payment process is properly administered and our projects receive the proper supervision to run smoothly, as a result, we routinely receive preferential pricing and service from these subcontractors. This is a benefit to both HCM and our clients.

Self performing capabilities enhance our control over a project’s success and our client’s satisfaction

It is somewhat unique for a construction services firm to directly maintain the personnel and equipment to “self-perform” trade work. We, however, feel that doing this allows us to maintain a more significant amount of control over the outcome of our projects. If one of our subcontractors has issues in performing their work, we can step in with our own forces to assist and maintain schedule. If we receive pricing for a trade item that is less than favorable, we can perform this item with our own personnel to maintain the project budget. If our client requires service or construction maintenance work, we have the ability to respond regardless of the size of the work and the willingness of an outside subcontractor to respond.


Although our firm is well established and has developed significant resources to service our clients on projects of all sizes, we maintain a high level of “hunger” and desire to succeed and exceed the expectation of our clients. Every project, regardless of its size, is important to us and we will strive to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.